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Attura Decorative Vase Moe's

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A journey through time, these vases are handmade in the northern coastal city of Chulucanas, Peru using techniques dating back 1500 years. Each piece is individually formed, slip-decorated, then hand-burnished with a special stone to create a subtle luster. A distinct smokey scent lingers inside from the kiln fire it is born from. The Attura decorative vessel is textured, raw and refined, showcasing the clay's versatility, breathing the beauty of ancient forms into any living space.

  • Main Material : Terracotta
  • Handcraft : Yes
  • Unique piece : Yes
  • Product Size : Small
  • Product Color : Brown
  • Packed (in Inches)
    • Length : 9.84
    • Depth : 10.24
    • Height : 10.83
  • Unpacked (in Inches)
    • Length : 6
    • Depth : 6
    • Height : 6

Approximate size. For more information, please contact our customer service.

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Attura Decorative Vase
SKU: 820895

69.57 $

79.99 $

You save 11 $