Last amended : May 7 2024

Scope and liability

This privacy policy (the “privacy policy”) records the statement implemented by groupe bmtc inc. (“bmtc”, “we”, “our”) to protect the personal information of users and clients (collectively referred to as “users”, “you”, “your”) of its websites, applications, stores, call centers, and other channels through which bmtc collects and uses your personal information.

Tanguay, tanguay l'entrepôt, and maurice tanguay signature are divisions of groupe bmtc inc. All references to "websites" in this privacy policy refer to the following sites: www.tanguay.ca, www.tanguaylentrepot.ca, and any other websites or mobile applications developed and provided, from time to time, by bmtc (individually the "website" or collectively the "websites").

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform any user on how personal information that may be collected and used by bmtc or third parties is processed.

Browsing a Website, simply activating any hyperlink contained therein, purchasing a product in-store and/or downloading an application constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy and, as such, you shall be deemed having acknowledged and understood this Privacy Policy. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, USER HEREBY CONSENTS TO THE COLLECTION, USE, PROCESSING AND DISCLOSURE OF HIS PERSONAL INFORMATION IN COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY .

As BMTC reserves its right to review the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, you are invited to consult this Privacy Policy periodically. The use of the Website and/or any in-store purchase subsequent to the posting of a modified version of the Privacy Policy shall constitute your acceptance of any such modifications.

The Privacy Policy is subject to federal and provincial laws applicable in the Province of Québec (Canada), as the case may be.


  • What?: we only collect the personal information necessary to identify you for the purposes provided under this privacy policy.
  • How?: when you browse our websites, complete a transaction, or contact us, we collect certain personal information concerning you.
  • Why?: to identify you and to provide products and services to you, so that you may benefit from our online services, to send you newsletters, and to improve our products, services, and operations.
  • Third-party access? Your personal information may be disclosed to our service providers with regards to web and transactional services, shipping and delivery, payment solutions, financing suppliers, third-party cookie providers for our websites, manufacturers and partners of bmtc for the execution of warranties for certain products, and non-profit organizations affiliated to or partnering with bmtc as part of fundraising activities.
  • Where?: your personal information is kept in our servers or in the servers of our québec service providers, although some of our foreign service providers may have access to your personal information.
  • Your rights?: you can withdraw your consent and request access or corrections to the personal information that we hold concerning you, subject to your legal and contractual obligations.

We collect certain personal information for limited purposes.

In this privacy policy, the term “personal information” generally refers to any information that directly or indirectly identifies an individual.

We only collect the personal information detailed hereunder for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy.

Automatic collection

When accessing one of our websites, our servers can automatically collect the following personal information regarding your online activities: browsing history, search history and other information obtained while browsing our websites, mobile applications and adds, which are notably collected through cookies (see the section other important considerations of this privacy policy).

Non-automatic collection

When you access one of our websites, create an account, complete a purchase, or contact us by any means, the following personal information may be collected:

  • Identification: first and last name, title, invoice address, phone number, email address, your age, ip address, and an identification document for certain types of transactions.
  • Transaction: credit card numbers or signatures may be collected, used, or disclosed to payment processing solution providers and financing suppliers.
  • Geolocation: when you activate this feature, we collect certain data regarding your location via our mobile applications or websites to locate the closest store near you or for analytics purposes. When you browse one of our websites, we can compare your geolocation data with the ip address collected to find your general geographic area and provide you with information or promotions relevant to your locations.
  • Recordings: audio or video recordings when you call us, visit one of our stores, or upon delivery.

    Such recordings are not used to identify or authenticate you but can be listened for the purpose of monitoring the quality of our services. If you do not want to be recorded, please let us know at the beginning of your communication and alternative solutions will be made available to you.

    We may also use video surveillance and other tracking technologies in our stores to improve security, prevent theft and other crimes, and to analyse in-store traffic, the number of customers and their interests, and to conduct similar analyses.

Information collected from other sources

Identification information. We may collect your personal information from third parties and business partners, including in the context of promotions, surveys, and contests for which your prior consent will have been obtained by such third party.

Personal information collected from applicants

A user can apply for a job offered via one of our websites. The following personal information is collected from applicants:

  • Identification: your first and last name, your email address, your home address, and your phone number.
  • Professional qualifications: personal information contained in your resume and any personal information you decide, of your own initiative, to disclose for the job application.

If during the hiring process we need you to disclose sensitive personal information, we will ask for your specific and express consent in that regard.

Minor under 13 years old

If you are under 13 years old, you can browse our websites but cannot make a purchase. You can neither create an account nor use a service that requires the disclosure of personal information. We do not want, at any time, to collect personal information of minors under 13 years old.

If you register and we learn that you are under 13 years old, we will delete your account information and inform you by email. If you are under 13 years old and you wish to make a purchase, please ask one of your parents to order for you.

Identification, profiling, and tracking

With your consent and if you activate these features, we may use some of your personal information for identification, profiling, and tracking purposes.

The collection and use of this information is deactivated by default. It can be activated by accepting the option in the pop-up window that opens when you access one of our websites. You can also activate this feature in the privacy settings of your account profile.

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How we use your personal information

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:

Products and services

We use your personal information to provide products and services to you, notably when:

  • We provide and deliver products and services, execute your orders and transactions, and manage returns and exchanges;
  • We process and monitor your purchases, payments, financing, returns, warranties, and discounts;
  • Your account is created and managed, and to obtain the benefits resulting from the creation of your account;
  • We hold contests and promotions.


We may use your personal information to send you newsletters by email regarding contests, offers, promotions, and bmtc new arrivals.

Improve our products, services, and operations

We may use your personal information to improve our products, ,services, and operations, namely :

  • For market studies, to develop new products and services, to analyse our product and service offers;
  • To improve client experience and develop personalized offers;
  • To efficiently manage advertising and marketing;
  • For the maintenance, development and optimization of website features and general performance.

Other purposes

We may also use your personal information as follows:

  • To evaluate any application submitted to one of our job offers or by any person wishing to make a spontaneous application;
  • To comply with the then effective legal and regulatory provisions.
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How do we share your personal information?

Your personal information may be disclosed to the following entities:

  • Our transactional and web service providers:
  • Our delivery and shipping providers
  • Bmtc’s manufacturers and partners for customer service and after-sales service, including for the execution of warranties on certain products or with providers with whom bmtc has direct shipping agreements;
  • Our marketing service providers;
  • Our payment processing solution providers (the “secured payment platform provider”);
  • To non-profit organizations affiliated to or partnering with bmtc as part of fundraising activities, particularly when purchasing tickets to participate in raffles;
  • Our financing suppliers when you choose to finance your purchase; and
  • Third-party cookie providers for our websites.

Furthermore, when a payment is made on the secured transaction system of the secured payment platform provider (which constitutes an independent and external database from the website), the user shall enter his/her card number, the card’s expiration date (as the case may be), the name of the registered card holder and any other necessary information to complete a purchase.

If allowed by bmtc, you will have the option, at your discretion, to save your payment information in your customer account on the secured payment platform provider’s payment system. You acknowledge and agree that any personal information and other information regarding the payment of an order and which is saved to your customer account on the secured payment platform provider’s payment system will consequently be held by the secured payment platform provider and not by BMTC.

Disclosure outside the province of québec

Bmtc may disclose your personal information to third parties included in the abovementioned categories that operate outside of the province of québec. For such purposes, bmtc, from time to time, conducts assessments on the privacy standards of such third parties and ensures that whenever your personal information is disclosed outside of the province of québec, such personal information is adequately protected including with regards to generally accepted privacy principles. Consequently, your personal information may sometimes be disclosed outside the province of québec.

CDisclosure permitted by law without consent.

We may also disclose your personal information, without consent, when authorized or required by applicable law.

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How we store and protect your personal information

In accordance with our procedures for the secure retention and destruction of personal information, we will only keep personal information for as long as necessary in order to fulfill its intended purpose and in compliance with our legal obligations. Thereafter, the personal information will be destroyed in a safe and confidential manner.

We maintain appropriate physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information depending on the sensitivity of the information and to reduce the risk of unauthorized or illegal access, use, disclosure or destruction or the personal information. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we:

  • Safeguards: maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed and intended to protect personal information against accidental, illegal, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, use or access, or any other incident relating to information protection.
  • Minimization: consciously limit the personal information we collect. We only collect the personal information necessary to fulfill the purposes provided under this privacy policy.
  • Retention schedule: maintain a retention schedule to make sure your personal information will be promptly destroyed upon the fulfillment of its purpose or the expiry of any applicable legal retention period;
  • Register of confidentiality incidents: keep a register of confidentiality incidents in accordance with the applicable legislation. If a confidentiality incident occurs and presents a risk of serious injury to you, we will take all necessary measures to inform you of such an incident, in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Access log: monitor digital access to your personal information via a log of operations;
  • Access limitations: limit access to your personal information to only those employees who need such access in order to fulfill any of the purposes listed herein;
  • Training: ensure that each of our employees and representatives with access to your personal information benefits from adequate training and vigilance in matters of privacy and protection of personal information and offer them several annual training courses aimed at ensuring the maintenance of this level of alertness;
  • Technical measures: deploy technical measures such as encryption, firewalls, passwords, and anti-viruses to protect personal information that has been collected, used, or stored in electronic format;
  • Framework and policies: maintain and monitor the application of a framework governing the protection of personal information throughout its life cycle and internal policies and procedures that define the role and responsibilities of bmtc personnel on how to manage personal information;
  • Security schedules and confidentiality agreements: require security schedules from our service providers that include strict security measures to protect your personal information and require each of our employees and representatives who have access to your personal information to sign a confidentiality agreement.

However, a 100% secure method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage does not exist. Consequently, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the personal information you provide.

Some risks will always exist when disclosing personal information. We cannot guarantee either that such information will not be accessed, obtained, disclosed, modified, or destroyed as a result of the violation of our physical, technical or administrative safeguards.

If you have reason to believe that your personal information has been compromised, please contact us using the contact information provided in the how to contact us section of this privacy policy.

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Your rights

Withdraw or modify your consent

Subject to applicable law and to your contractual obligations, you can withdraw or modify your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information. To do this, you can send a written request to our privacy officer at the address indicated in the how to contact us section of this privacy policy.

When submitting a withdrawal request, you will be asked to provide appropriate identification or otherwise identify yourself. However, if you withdraw your consent to certain uses or disclosures of your personal information, we may no longer be able to provide you with certain products and/or services, and the quality of our products and/or services may be affected. We will contact you to inform you of the consequences of your choice before accepting your request to withdraw consent.

Access to your personal information

You have a right of access to your personal information. You can:

  • Ask that we inform you of the existence of personal information that concern you;
  • Ask to receive communication of the personal information that concerns you;
  • Ask to consult personal information we possess concerning you and examine the information on the premises during regular working hours or by remote access, and obtain a copy thereof; and
  • As of september 22, 2024, ask us to communicate any information collected from you (excluding personal information created or inferred from personal information about you) in a structured and commonly used technological format. You can also ask us, as of september 22, 2024, to communicate your personal information to any person or organization authorized by law to collect personal information.

A reasonable charge may be required from a person requesting the transcription, reproduction, or transmission of such personal information. We will inform you of such fees before proceeding with the transcription, reproduction, or transmission of the personal information.

If you are a registered user of our websites, you can consult or update your registration information by logging into your customer account. You can also send a written request to our privacy officer at the address indicated in the how to contact us section of this privacy policy. When submitting a request to access your personal information, you will be asked to provide appropriate identification or otherwise identify yourself.

Rectification of your personal information

You can also make a request for the rectification of your personal information, you may send us a rectification request regarding your personal information in the following circumstances:

  • Your personal information is inaccurate;
  • Your personal information is incomplete;
  • Your personal information is ambiguous;
  • The collection, disclosure or retention of your personal information was not authorized by law.

You may also ask us, in a rectification request, to destroy any personal information collected or retained if the collection, disclosure, or retention of your personal information was not authorized by law.

If we grant your request for rectification, you may ask us to provide you with a copy of any amended or added personal information or, as the case may be, an attestation of the deletion of personal information.

To make a rectification request, you can send a written request to our privacy officer at the address indicated in the how to contact us section of this privacy policy. When submitting a request to correct your personal information, you will be asked to provide appropriate identification or otherwise identify yourself.

Delay to reply

We have a legal obligation to reply (favorably or unfavorably) to any request for access or rectification within 30 days of receipt and confirmation of your identity. We may refuse any request in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

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Other important considerations

Cookies and other technologies

We and our service providers may use cookies or other technologies to facilitate navigation on our websites, conduct analyses, present advertisements relevant to you, including those relating to products and/or services that may be of interest to you (subject to certain restrictions described here below), and to remember certain information when you use the websites.

Information collected by cookies and other technologies may include your ip address, geolocation information, device information, browsing activities, and search engine referrals. When you enable these features, our advertising and analytics partners may collect precise geolocation information to provide targeted advertising and analytics services. Cookies are generally managed by third parties and some of these cookies will disclose personal information outside the province of quebec.

You can manage the cookie processing of your personal information by changing your browser settings. For more information on changing your browser settings, you can refer to the information provided by your browser provider. However, your refusal to accept cookies could harm or limit your access to certain features of our websites.

Our websites each include a banner where you can consent to cookies, the settings of which can be modified at any time by clicking on the “cookie settings” button.

To find out more about our use of cookies, we invite you to consult our cookie policy.

Third-party websites

Bmtc websites may contain links to third-party websites. These third-party websites may have terms of use and privacy policies that are different from bmtc. Bmtc is not responsible for personal information and data that is collected, used, or disclosed by any third-party website and bmtc expressly disclaims any liability related to such collection, use, disclosure, retention, access, correction, and deletion.

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How to contact us

Records that contain personal information relative to a user are usually kept on servers located in canada. For any complaints or questions concerning this privacy policy, its interpretation, or application, you may communicate with bmtc’s privacy officer at the following address and phone number:

Groupe bmtc inc.
7200, rue armand-viau
Québec (québec) g2c2a7
Email: protection.numerique@tanguay.ca
Phone number: 1-800-826-4829
(the « privacy officer »)

Bmtc shall take all necessary measures to diligently answer all of its user questions.

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Update of this privacy policy

We may modify this privacy policy from time to time, in accordance with applicable law. You will be informed of any changes to this privacy policy by a mention, at the top of the page, of the date of its last modifications. If we have your email address, we will send you a notice identifying any changes to this Privacy Policy.

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