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Delivery service

Professional service from our door to yours

Delivery by our own delivery team


Free shipping in Quebec.*

Delivered by our own delivery team or by post depending on the type of product purchased.

*Some restrictions may apply, see by validating with your postal code below.
Curbside pick up

Curbside pick up

You don’t have to wait, your purchase with be brought directly to your vehicle. A fast and secure choice!

Available at our stores and at the Quebec City distribution centre.

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In store pick-up

In-store pick-up

Available in all our stores and at the Quebec City distribution centre.

At the time of pick-up, you will need to present the credit card you paid with and an ID card.

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A professional service

Tanguay offers a delivery service by truck or by mail, depending on the nature of the merchandise purchased and the delivery location.

Tanguay will contact the buyer to advise him of the expected delivery date of the merchandise ordered. The expected delivery date is subject to change depending on the availability of the merchandise, the delivery location, the conditions of the premises and due to circumstances beyond the control of Tanguay, including a worldwide pandemic, weather conditions, failure of a supplier to meet delivery deadlines, mechanical breakdown, postal delays and other similar circumstances. For these reasons, Tanguay Furniture cannot be held responsible for failure to meet the initially scheduled delivery date.

Where delivery is to the home, the purchaser should ensure that doorways, stairs and storage space are large enough to allow deliveryman to work safely and without constraint.

The entrance to the buyer's home must be clear and accessible at the time of delivery.

To avoid damage, it is recommended that the buyer protects the floor coverings in his home. For safety reasons, delivery personnel should keep their shoes on.

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Real-time tracking of your order

On the day of your delivery by our team, be informed in real time and follow the route of our delivery truck. No need to wait for hours without knowing!

In addition, before the big day, you can plan or modify your delivery by going directly to your profile or via the tool in our Customer Service section.

The delivery of your property should be a pleasant moment, not a stressful experience! That's why we're putting in place these facilities to improve service and flexibility.

Frequently asked questions

Shipping and delivery

How do you set delivery dates?
As soon as your merchandise is available at the distribution center, our staff will contact you to choose a delivery date. It should be noted that no precise delivery time can be given, due to unforeseen circumstances.
Can I take the merchandise I have purchased with me immediately?

Some merchandise can be picked up directly from the distribution center or store where it was purchased. Click on Find a Store to get the phone number and address of the distribution center or store nearest you.

Can I pay the balance of my invoice at the time of delivery?
No. When purchasing online, the amount must be full paid.
Can I have merchandise delivered abroad?
No. Our delivery service covers all of Quebec and New Brunswick. All online orders must be delivered to an address located within these limits.
Can I go to a store to pick up my online order?
Yes, it is possible to go to a store to pick up an order placed online.
Can I choose the delivery date for my order?

Yes, currently, offers the possibility to choose the delivery date for orders placed online. However, depending on your delivery zone, a calendar is available and you can select a date with a yellow dot. <br>

However, if the merchandise is not available, but on order, you will receive an email or/and a phone call as soon as the merchandise has arrived. Afterwards, please contact our delivery service at 1 800 826-4829 (toll free) to set a date.

Is the delivery service free and available everywhere?
We offer delivery service throughout the province of Quebec* and in some cities in New Brunswick. For deliveries outside the province of Quebec, fees may apply. Visit the delivery section for more details.

Pick-up and delivery

Will the delivery people unpack my products?

All merchandise delivered is unpacked and assembled by the delivery personnel who must return the packaging. The only exception to this rule is merchandise identified as "assembly required" which will not be unpacked or assembled.

In addition to assembling your merchandise, our delivery personnel can pick up your old appliances, provided that you have made a request in store when you purchased your new appliances. Your obsolete appliances must be unplugged and removed from their location before the delivery personnel arrive. However, Tanguay Furniture cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the removal of these old appliances. Read our delivery policy for more information.