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Together, let's celebrate our rich history.

First store of Tanguay and Brault & Martineau

Tanguay, a family story

Tanguay's ability to innovate and understand its customers' needs has made it a leader in the retail sale of furniture, household appliances, and electronic and computer equipment in Quebec. Over the past few years, the company has diversified its product offering to become an essential destination for better living at home.

Since its foundation, Tanguay has carved out a place for itself in the homes of local people, being involved in the life of its community. Its agility and diversification have allowed it to remain on the lookout for new trends and to continually adapt in order to remain a source of inspiration for better living at home.

In 2023, Tanguay is now the result of the merger of two companies, Brault & Martineau and Tanguay. Both founded in the early 60's, they were bought by Yves Des Groseillers at the end of the 1980's to become the BMTC Group Inc., thus creating one of the most important actors of the furniture industry in Quebec.

The BMTC Group Inc. through its Tanguay division now has 25 locations across Quebec. Tanguay is more than ever rooted in the Quebec landscape and continues to grow everywhere in the province by relying on a constantly evolving digital platform and a sales team dedicated to listening to its customers.

Tanguay in numbers



+ 1 000

motivated employees

+2 000 000

of customers since the 1960's

$30 000 000

donated to the community through the
Fondation Maurice-Tanguay

Brault et Martineau's first store in 1960

Denis Brault and Robert Martineau opened the first Brault & Martineau store on Sicard Street in the east end of Montreal. They wanted to offer quality products at affordable prices.

Tanguay's first store in 1961

On March 3, 1961, Maurice Tanguay founded the company Ameublements Tanguay.

One month later, the first store opened in Levis with only three employees in a small barely 5,000 square ft. space.

Tanguay Beauport in 1966

Opening of the second Tanguay store, on Sainte-Anne Boulevard, in Beauport. This location would remain the only one on the North Shore for more than 15 years.

Opening of the Les Saules store at the crossroads of the same name in 1982.

Opening of the Les Saules store at the intersection of the same name. It quickly became a popular destination in Quebec City.

Change in management at Brault and Martineau in 1986

A change took place in Brault & Martineau management when Yves Des Groseillers acquired the company and took over the reins.


The Beauport store was expanded, and its surface area was doubled and modernized


Yves Des Groseillers purchased Ameublements Tanguay. Maurice Tanguay and his son Jacques remained at the helm of the company.

Fall 1989 Creation of Groupe BMTC Inc. by Yves Des Groseillers. Its common shares were listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the GBT ticker symbol. It combined the Brault & Martineau and Tanguay banners. The name BMTC referred to Brault & Martineau, Tanguay, and Colonial (now defunct).


Inauguration of the Trois-Rivières store, located on Boulevard des Récollets.


First edition of the Maurice Tanguay Golf Open, which marked the beginning of the Fondation Maurice-Tanguay. The same year, the Rimouski store, located in the Pointe-au-Père area was opened.


Creation of the Maurice Tanguay Signature banner, whose first store was launched in the company's head office on Armand-Viau Street in Quebec City. That same year, the new store was opened in Lévis, where everything began for Tanguay.


Inauguration of a vast and modern distribution centre in the Armand-Viau sector in Quebec City.

Later that year, the 6th store opened in Chicoutimi.


Opening of the Rivière-du-Loup store, the 7th address of the Tanguay banner.


The very first version of Tanguay's website went online. At that time, it was only a showcase site, one of the first in Quebec.

That same year, the Fondation Maurice-Tanguay held its very first bicycle race in Quebec City, which brought together more than 2,500 people and raised $50,000.


Two new fundraising activities for the Fondation Maurice-Tanguay were organized: the draw for the Maison Expo Québec, which later became the Maison Fondation Maurice-Tanguay, and the Quebec City International Air Show.

Opening of the new Les Saules store

Opening of the new Les Saules store, whose audacious and avant-garde architecture was the talk of the town. Its strategic location in the heart of Quebec City quickly made it the chain's flagship store.

That same year, the 8th Tanguay store opened in St-Georges de Beauce.

Maurice Tanguay Signature store in Quebec City moved to Place Sainte-Foy

The Maurice Tanguay Signature store in Quebec City moved to Place Sainte-Foy in the premises that used to house the former Eaton's banner. In December 2001, the transactional Internet site went online.

Construction and opening of the new Beauport store

Construction and opening of the new Beauport store, located in the Mega Centre of this city sector. We said goodbye to the premises on Sainte-Anne Boulevard, after nearly 40 years at that location.

That same year, the Fondation Maurice-Tanguay held its first family holiday celebration at the Centre de foires de Québec.

The Million Dollar Sale made its first millionaire on television

The Million Dollar Sale made its first millionaire on television. The concept of a sale combined with the drawing of a million dollars in cash, unique in Canada, was the logical continuation of this event launched by the founder of the company thirty years earlier.

The same year, the new store in Rimouski was built and opened.

Inauguration of the new store in Lévis

Inauguration of the new store in Lévis, in the Miscéo district.

That same year, the Maurice Tanguay Signature store in Place Sainte-Foy underwent a facelift. The spaces dedicated to the prestigious brands offered at this store were also revamped.

Inauguration of the new store in Trois-Rivières

Inauguration of the new store in Trois-Rivières, which became the largest store in Tanguay's history. Its unique architecture is based on a magnificent wooden structure, which was also recognized at the Wood Design and Building Awards, sponsored by the Canadian Wood Council, in 2017.

The store's entrance also featured a work by Mauricie artist Marquis Poulin.

This concept would also serve as a model for the new Brault & Martineau store in Sainte-Rose, opening in 2019, as well as for the Kirkland store renovations in 2020.


Marie-Berthe Des Groseillers took over the helm of Groupe BMTC from her father Yves, being named President and Chief Executive Officer. Yves Des Groseillers remained Chairman of the Board of Groupe BMTC Inc.


Acceleration of the digital shift with the development of several technological innovations to improve the online shopping experience, the creation of a telephone advisor department to assist customers who shop online, and diversification of the product offering.


Death of the company's founder and president, Maurice Tanguay. A true pioneer of the retail industry in Quebec, he left an immense legacy in business, sports, culture, and philanthropy. Tributes from all sides, highlighting his success in business and his involvement in his community.


Groupe BMTC announced the merger of the administrative services of its three banners, allowing for greater synergy between its Quebec City and Montreal distribution centres.

Charles Tanguay was then named President of all the banners, while Jacques Tanguay became Chief Operating Officer of Groupe BMTC.


On May 16, 2023, BMTC Group Inc. merges its banners under a single one, Tanguay. The Quebec banner now has 19 locations throughout Quebec.

Finally, a new banner is created, Tanguay L'Entrepôt, a banner that includes both new products at affordable prices and products on clearance.

The evolution of our brand

Over the years, Tanguay's branding has evolved along with the times and trends.

In 2022, the company's graphic identity was completely revamped to better reflect the modern and current character of the brand.

Ameublements Tanguay logo from 1961-1980


Ameublements Tanguay logo from 1980 - 2000

1980 - 2000

Ameublements Tanguay logo from 2000 - 2005

2000 - 2005

Tanguay logo from 2005 - 2021

2005 - 2021

Tanguay logo from 2022 - today

2022 - Today