Our Commitment to Eco-Responsibility

We Are Taking Concrete Actions to Reduce our Ecological Footprint

Recycling of Old Appliances

Recycling of Old Appliances

When you purchase new appliances, we offer to collect your old ones without hassle entirely. In addition to helping you get rid of bulky items, we are participating in a collective effort to preserve the environment.

Old refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and stoves will be recycled. A specialized recycling company will disassemble them to remove the metals and recycle them. The recycling potential of household appliances is very impressive: nearly 95% of their components are reusable.

Packaging Recycling

Packaging Recycling

Our delivery drivers bring back huge quantities of cardboard boxes used to package goods to the warehouse. They are then compacted in our large press which transforms them into bales, which are then recycled.

Récupration des matières plastiques

Plastic Recovery

A press located in our distribution centers compacts various plastics into bales weighing from 800 to 1,000 pounds each. Press production reaches up to 5 bales per week. Each year, more than 200,000 pounds of plastic are recovered by a specialized center that recycles them into various products, including office accessories.

La collecte Verte

The “Collecte Verte”

Twice a year, a “Collecte Verte” is organized by 1 800 GOT JUNK. The objective of the “Collecte Verte” is to collect obsolete electrical, electronic, and computer equipment from the general public free of charge. This event, held in collaboration with Tanguay, allows more than 18 tons of battery-operated or corded equipment to be processed in an ecological manner.

Récupération des produits électroniques

Electronic Product Recovery

Our distribution centers recover unusable circuits and metal from electronic and computer equipment. On average, two pallets per week of end-of-life electronic and computer equipment is recovered and sent to a metal recovery facility.

Our stores are also Recycle My Electronics authorized drop-off points.

récupération de piles

Battery Recovery

Our distribution centers and stores pay particular attention to the disposal of all kinds of batteries. That's why we work with a specialized company that recovers them for proper disposal.

Camion écologique

A More Eco-Friendlier Truck Fleet

Several initiatives have been undertaken to make our truck fleet more eco-friendly. The installation of FMZ (Fuel MaximiZer) devices, the addition of aerodynamic skirts, the use of road trains, as well as route optimization using specialized software allow us to reduce fuel consumption. We have also undertaken an electrification of our transportation, equipping our fleet with hybrid vehicles and even 100% electric trucks manufactured in Quebec.