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It's time to create the perfect coffee experience at home, in the office or on the go. Tanguay is proud to support local businesses and respond to the consumer craze for delicious local coffee. That is why we are now offering you the tasty products of several Quebec micro roasters. Rich, full-bodied, mild, specialty and more, their blends are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. With something for everyone, you will be able to enjoy a delicious, comforting nectar with thousands of local flavors.

Enjoy your local coffee, one sip at a time!

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Our Partners

Stay tuned! Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to our various micro roasting partners, proud local artisans. Located throughout the beautiful province of Quebec, they will know how to charm you.

Café Cambio

Café Chapeau Moustache


Café Smith

La Brûlerie

Café Hubert Saint-Jean

Café Larue

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Chicoutime Café Cambio

A Brief History of Café Cambio

Café Cambio, a veritable benchmark in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region for fair trade and ecological practices, 100% coop, was founded in 2005. Since then, it has become an example of a profitable commercial enterprise operating within the parameters of sustainable development. Café Cambio roasts over 15,000 kg of coffee beans a year and has partnerships with a number of local businesses. Everyone who has contributed, for whatever length of time, has left a significant mark on the company since its inception.

  129 Rue St Germain O, Rimouski, Canada

What you can expect

The coffee beans, imported from a dozen countries in South America, Africa, and Indonesia, are roasted by hand to extract as much flavour as possible. The majority of roasts are medium-black, but you'll also find some black, brown, cherry and honey roasts. Whatever your choice, you'll find specialty coffees certified fair trade by Fairtrade, organic by Québec Vrai, and verified by Aliments du Québec.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

Inspiring journeys

The idea for Café Cambio was conceived when childhood friends Guylaine Pelletier and Geneviève Demers were completing their university studies in cinema and anthropology. However, it was after several trips to the South that an awareness of the disparities between North and South inspired them to get involved. It only took coffee producers a few visits to crystallize this desire for social change, and for Café Cambio to see the light of day.

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Rimouski Chapeau Moustache

A Brief History of Chapeau Moustache

Chapeau Moustache, born of a teenage dream that evolved through restaurant jobs and a keen interest in the roasting process, has been a leader in the Lower St. Lawrence specialty coffee market since 2019. Named after a friend who left them too soon, Evan Couture and Marjorie Langlois offer a 100% local taste experience to lovers of unique coffees both in their blends for tasting and on site.

  129 Rue St Germain O, Rimouski, Canada

What You Can Expect

To ensure quality and limit its ecological footprint, Chapeau Moustache produces each of its varieties according to demand, to ensure the freshness of its blends and avoid waste. Coffee beans are carefully selected from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador. This is followed by meticulous research into blending and roasting to give the blends a unique and special taste. Whether the aromas are floral, fruity, or more classic, every cup is of the highest quality.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

From Reading to Coffee

The catalyst for the Chapeau Moustache adventure was founder Evan Couture's acquisition of a book on roasting. The magic happened in the back of Le Crêpe Chignon restaurant, with a two-kilo roaster. Thanks to the support of the restaurant's owners, Evan's dream became a reality. The rest is history.

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Montreal 94 Celcius

The 94 Celcius Story

Founded in 2017 in Montreal by Marc-Alexandre with a desire to embody change in the world of coffee, 94 Celcius Micro-Torrefacteur is renowned for its delicate, high-quality blends inspired by its responsible sourcing philosophy. Since its inception, the company has set itself apart with over 70% of its beans sourced from farms owned by women producers, including the Covalent blend, a blend that is 100% women owned.

  1081 Rue Principale B, Sainte-Julie, QC J3E 0V1, Québec, Canada

What You Can Expect

94 Celcius roasts its coffee delicately and rigorously, so that the sweet, fruity, and floral notes of the chosen beans stand out more fully, and to ensure uniformity between each roast. 94 Celcius products originate mainly in Latin America, particularly in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.

Coffee cup

From Science to Coffee

Marc-Alexandre discovered a wide variety of coffee in a small Parisian apartment while he was in France for his graduate studies in biochemistry and pharmacology. However, he was only able to appreciate its full splendor with the help of an iconic lever-operated espresso machine. Since then, he has brought the rigor of science to roasting, so that you too can fall under the spell of this nectar.

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Image du propriétaire de café Larue

Québec city Maison Smith

A Brief History of Café Smith

The idea for Café Smith arose from a desire to respond to the growing demand for coffee in 2013, while putting people at the heart of its actions and the availability of its first premises strategically located in the heart of Old Quebec. Eager to offer high-quality, locally roasted coffee, the family-run business ventured into the world of roasting in 2018. Since then, Smith Café, driven by the richness of exchanges with its community, has been delighting everyone's taste buds with ethically grown coffees.

  9 rue des Jardins, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  23 rue Notre Dame, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  1141 rue Saint-Jean, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  8700 Chemin Royal, Sainte-Pétronille, QC, Canada

  201 3e avenue, Limoilou, QC, Canada

  1015 avenue Belvédère, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  2012 Chemin Saint-Louis, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  2330 Ch Ste-Foy, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

  7685 1re Av, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada

What You Can Expect

Carefully roasted in Limoilou, Smith café offers signature coffees from authentic origins discovered during trips to the source. Roasts range from medium-brown to black, with origins in Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil and more. This allows us to offer a great diversity and quality of beans to create both classic and adventurous blends.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

A Golden Opportunity

Jérome, a businessman from the Île d'Orléans, studied business management with a major in marketing. Combined with his family background in entrepreneurship, it was only natural for him to go into business for himself. When a golden opportunity presented itself in 2013, with premises strategically located in the heart of Old Quebec, it didn't take much for him to throw himself wholeheartedly into the café adventure, where he values the human touch above all else.

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Image du propriétaire de café Larue

Gatineau  La Brûlerie

A brief history of La Brûlerie

Founded in 1997 in Gatineau, La Brûlerie is a pioneer of premium coffee, teas, and herbal teas in the Outaouais region. It is renowned for its superior-quality, tasty coffees. M. Lauriault took over complete control of the brûlerie in 2007, and his son has joined him in recent years.

 69 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, Québec, Canada

What you can expect

From Brazil to Indonesia, Africa to Colombia, La brûlerie offers blends developed in-house with coffee beans of the highest grade, nothing less. Its coffees are slow roasted in the traditional way to infuse your cups with the rich, full-bodied aromas of these precious nectars.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

A story of passion

After a venture into health products, M. Lariault jumped into the coffee business with both feet. With a passion for business, flavors, and caffeine, he has done everything in his power to spread this home-grown brand across the province, making it a point of honor to encourage local development. After all, he believes that community is the driving force behind this project.

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Image d'un employé de Hubert Saint-Jean

Sherbrooke & Magog Café Hubert Saint-Jean

The Little History of Café Hubert Saint-Jean

A Sherbrooke coffee icon since 1923, Café Hubert Saint-Jean has been roasting coffee from generation to generation, until it was passed on to Marc-Antoine, a coffee enthusiast. Café Hubert Saint-Jean is renowned for the undisputed quality of its coffee, roasted in an oven dating back to 1956.

What You Can Expect

From Summer Blend to Mélange du Fjord, Café Hubert Saint-Jean offers blends with unique flavors from Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Peru, and Colombia. Each blend is roasted with the utmost respect for the beans.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

Love at First Sight with Coffee

It was during a friendly coffee break with his childhood friend Hugo Houle, a professional cyclist, that Marc-Antoine fell in love with coffee. All he had to do was dip his lips in the espresso prepared by a Rancilio Silvia, and his life did a 180-degree turn. After learning about the world of coffee as a barista and then as a coffee event operator, Marc-Antoine became the owner of Cafés Hubert Saint-Jean.

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Image du propriétaire de café Larue

Montréal Café Larue

The Little Story of Café Larue

In 2009, Café Larue et Fils opened its doors in Montreal's Villeray district. Over the years, this unique venue has become an important meeting place for the community to sip a good cup of coffee, but also to exchange ideas on a variety of subjects. Building on its expertise, Café Larue decided to go into roasting in 2019, to gain control over the quality of its coffee.

 244 Rue de Castelnau East

 405 Jarry East

 919 St-Zotique East

What You Can Expect

A genuine signature, Espresso Café Larue offers an Italian-style roast with a flavor profile ranging from hazelnut to caramel chocolate. All with body and not too much acidity. The simple blends have a lighter roast, bringing out sweet fruit aromas. Café Larue products originate from Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Image du propriétaire de café Larue

From Finance to Beans

Investment advisor Sébastien Carelli let his passion for coffee guide him in the creation of Café Larue. While his former career helped him build a financially healthy business, it is his passion for this invigorating nectar that enables him to connect with the community and make a difference.

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